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 *New associated company for Tee Dee Computers

Looking for a Professional way to communicate?


Tee Dee Computers is proud to offer "Your Voice Over" - Professional Voice Overs for your business. Looking for a voice for your latest TV advertising, need to tell your story on a video for your Website or Facebook, have a corporate message to tell, need a good radio voice on your next 30 second Ad or need to keep your customers informed while they are on hold on your phone system - we can help with all of the above.

Terry Daniel and Leonie Kay offer Professional Recording services - find out more and hear a sample at

Your Voice Over Logo Green.jpg
Terry and Leonie - Your Voice Over
Mic and Desk - Your Voice Over

RADIO 2DD is a fresh new Internet (Online) Radio Station offering a variety of music and information.

The station is part of every DISCOVERY APP and can also be heard at or on the my Tuner Radio App

Click on the Discovery Apps Logo below or the my Tuner Radio Logo to get to Radio 2DD or download the my Tuner Radio App on your smart device and search for Radio 2DD.

Discovery Apps Logo
2DD Radio Info
My Tuner Search 2DD.jpg
2DD Fresh Music Better Variety.jpg
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